Wordless Wednesday: 11.28.12


Three reasons why I love this bridal bouquet:

1. It includes my favorite color (green!) and flower (lady slipper orchids!).

2. The texture is insane (the good kind).

3. It was mine!

What flower did you (or do you) absolutely have to have in your wedding?


Bridal Bouquet Bliss

I won’t go so far to say that a bride’s bouquet is the most anticipated detail of her wedding look — of course it’s the dress! However, the bridal bouquet is a very close second when it comes to importance for her personal aesthetic on the big day. When I designed event florals, I loved nothing more than creating a bridal bouquet that encompassed the true spirit of a bride. Here are my top three favorite tips for the perfect bridal bouquet:

Make Sure it Speaks to You

Don’t be afraid to incorporate favorites — colors, flowers, objects — you get the point! If the traditional white bouquet would better suit you if it was hot pink, go hot pink! If you want to include buttons, fabric, feathers or bling, ask the designer to ensure this element is included. If dahlias are an all-time favorite, they should undoubtedly be in your bouquet! What you carry down the aisle should be nothing short of something you absolutely love.

Add Something Special

While most brides like a consistent theme and look for their wedding flowers — from tiny boutonnieres to grand centerpieces, I like to ensure there is something unique to the flowers they carry (and sometimes what the groom wears, too!). Usually this means picking one special element that the bride’s bouquet has and the rest of the flowers don’t. Perhaps the bridal bouquet has an ombre effect, while the rest of the flowers are monochromatic. Or the bride’s flowers include a special orchid that is solely there, and nowhere else. Whatever it is, the bride should stand out in every way!

Personalize the Stem Treatment

Gone are the days when plain ol’ silk ribbon is the stem wrap go-to. There are so many other options now — burlap, bark, moss, lace, wire, crystals — all of these can either accent a more traditional ribbon wrap, or make a big statement on their own. You may also want to incorporate something unique as the focal point of your bouquet’s stem treatment. Consider featuring grandfather’s miniature pocket watch, mother’s wedding handkerchief, or a favorite brooch as a meaningful and distinctive focal point.

I’d love to know: How did you make your bridal bouquet uniquely yours?

Wordless Wednesday: 11.21.12

I love this inspired version of the Thankful Tree, crafted by Simply VintageGirl. If you’re still in need of a table centerpiece for tomorrow’s turkey dinner, consider making your own Thankful Tree — beautiful and meaningful!

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Oh, Baby! The Big Reveal

A lot of energy and love go into planning a baby shower — from the decor to the delectables, every last detail should be just as perfect as the little one in mama’s belly. Recently, expectant couples have been utilizing the baby shower a bit differently — oftentimes as joint celebration, and therefore an optimal opportunity for the big reveal (baby’s gender)! Following are a few fun, interactive (guests have their guess!), and perhaps unexpected ways for couples to share the big secret.

About to Pop!

As guests arrive, ask them to either add a blue gumball to one decorative jar, or a pink gumball to another — obviously based on their guess as to whether the bun in the oven is a boy or girl. When glowing mama and proud papa are ready to share their secret with the world, they should each discreetly pop one of the correct-colored gumballs in, chew, and exhibit their blue or pink blown bubbles to guests on a 1-2-3 count turnaround! Can you imagine the priceless photos this would create?!

Up, Up and Away!

On the baby shower invite, ask guests to wrap their gifts according to whether they believe baby to be a boy or girl — pink or blue. After the expectant parents have opened all their gifts, there’s a large one left in the corner wrapped in pink and blue (what could it be?!). Upon opening this gift, balloons of baby’s corresponding color float out and fill the room for a reveal that will leave guests soaring with delight!

Bow or Bow Tie?

Buy plenty of bow ties and hair bows for all guests who will be in attendance, and ask each one to don the respective accessory, depending on their gender guess. P.S. It doesn’t matter if a man is wearing a hair bow, or a woman a bow tie — it’s all a fun part of the surprise! When it’s time to share the big news, gather all guests in one area, and have mom and dad come out dressed in the appropriate bow version. Ta-da!

I know there are so many wonderfully imaginative planners and parents out there — how did you (or would you) reveal baby’s gender? I’d love to know!

Wordless Wednesday: 11.14.12

This week’s Wordless Wednesday found me in the mood for something festive, and boy did I hit the jackpot! The wedding featured in the above photo brought the magic of a blustery day indoors with a very clever marshmallow installation over the head table. I found this image on Green Wedding Shoes — but it’s credited to Ely Fair Photography in Oklahoma. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday: 11.7.12


Welcome to the first of many Wordless Wednesday posts from Paisley Kay Event Design! I don’t think I can go totally wordless — ever — however, each Wednesday I’ll post an image that completely captivates me, with a brief tidbit as to why.

The above image is from Stone Crandall Photography. Side Note: Stone and his wife, Shelby, are utterly talented photographers who I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

I selected this photograph for my first Wordless Wednesday because it truly captures why I am so passionate about events, especially those held in the beautiful state I’ve called home my entire life — Colorado. This snapshot is breathtaking. Through it, you can feel the joy this couple is experiencing in one of their first moments of married life together, and the backdrop — stunning.

What do you like about this photo?

Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

Although I’ve been preparing Paisley Kay Event Design for a while now (even starting a small business is a lot of work!), today is my first “official” day. This means my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are all live, and I am ready for business! It also means I’m enjoying a delicious almond milk pumpkin chai at a local coffee shop while writing this blog, and looking forward to all of the amazing events and exciting new relationships that lie ahead.

My passion for special events blossomed when I was a floral designer — working behind-the-scenes to make weddings, personal celebrations and corporate events aesthetically beautiful — and has quite literally grown every single day, with every single event I plan from concept to completion. As far as I’m convinced, there is nothing like pouring your heart and soul into making a day unforgettable — whether it’s a bride’s wedding day, a company’s annual employee gala, a non-profit’s largest fundraiser of the year, or a baby shower celebrating new life on the way. I love being an integral part of something special, and ensuring it’s just that through creative ideas, impeccable organization, and flawless execution.

I feel so blessed to be able to have Paisley Kay Event Design, and cannot wait to see what its future holds!

OK, enough about me — I’d like to get to know you, as well! Please feel free to reach out to me via the Connect page, or leave a comment about the best event you’ve ever attended (and what made it so special!).