Bridal Bouquet Bliss

I won’t go so far to say that a bride’s bouquet is the most anticipated detail of her wedding look — of course it’s the dress! However, the bridal bouquet is a very close second when it comes to importance for her personal aesthetic on the big day. When I designed event florals, I loved nothing more than creating a bridal bouquet that encompassed the true spirit of a bride. Here are my top three favorite tips for the perfect bridal bouquet:

Make Sure it Speaks to You

Don’t be afraid to incorporate favorites — colors, flowers, objects — you get the point! If the traditional white bouquet would better suit you if it was hot pink, go hot pink! If you want to include buttons, fabric, feathers or bling, ask the designer to ensure this element is included. If dahlias are an all-time favorite, they should undoubtedly be in your bouquet! What you carry down the aisle should be nothing short of something you absolutely love.

Add Something Special

While most brides like a consistent theme and look for their wedding flowers — from tiny boutonnieres to grand centerpieces, I like to ensure there is something unique to the flowers they carry (and sometimes what the groom wears, too!). Usually this means picking one special element that the bride’s bouquet has and the rest of the flowers don’t. Perhaps the bridal bouquet has an ombre effect, while the rest of the flowers are monochromatic. Or the bride’s flowers include a special orchid that is solely there, and nowhere else. Whatever it is, the bride should stand out in every way!

Personalize the Stem Treatment

Gone are the days when plain ol’ silk ribbon is the stem wrap go-to. There are so many other options now — burlap, bark, moss, lace, wire, crystals — all of these can either accent a more traditional ribbon wrap, or make a big statement on their own. You may also want to incorporate something unique as the focal point of your bouquet’s stem treatment. Consider featuring grandfather’s miniature pocket watch, mother’s wedding handkerchief, or a favorite brooch as a meaningful and distinctive focal point.

I’d love to know: How did you make your bridal bouquet uniquely yours?


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