Details, Details: Guestbook Alternatives

Last week, I blogged about imaginative alternatives to standard event table numbers. This week, I thought I’d tackle another creative detail that’s often passed over or underdeveloped:

The Guestbook

Having a guestbook (in some form) is especially important at weddings and other personal affairs, such as showers and anniversary celebrations. It functions to capture the name of each and every person who was significant enough to be there (and sometimes even a special message from them). This is why I think it’s best to have something guests can sign that won’t collect dust as it sits on a shelf, in a box, or at the back of a closet after the event. Following are some out-of-the-book ideas that will function as a guestbook, while creating a true keepsake:

1. Find a large, decorative chalkboard (or make a DIY project out of it!), and ask guests to sign and share their words of wisdom here. Once the event is over, preserve these precious messages with glass.

2. Take blank puzzle pieces made of heavy (but pretty) card stock or wood, and ask guests to each sign a piece. Once the event is over, assemble the puzzle and frame it. Tip: Search Etsy for blank puzzle pieces — you’ll find various handmade and unique options!

3. Ask guests to sign pre-cut pieces of fabric at your event, and transform them into a quilt afterwards. If the sewing machine isn’t your specialty, ask a friend or family member with stitching skills to help!

4. Collect postcards from any meaningful place (or places), and ask guests to leave a special message on one as you embark on a new journey. For a bit of added fun, self-address and stamp each postcard before the event, and ask guests to mail them — today, tomorrow or a year from now!

5. Ask guests to take photos (either Polaroid or from a photo booth) of themselves, adding truly personalized well wishes to each photo. Frame the collection of images filled with written love for a unique and meaningful piece of wall art!

These are just a few of the limitless options for upgrading your event’s guestbook. Most importantly, make it you! Guests can really sign anything that’s tangible, and most tangible items can be clustered or framed to fashion a creative keepsake. For a vineyard-themed wedding — wine corks, for music-lovers — a guitar, for those who love travel — a map or globe…

What ideas do you have for innovative and creative guestbooks?

Stay tuned for next week’s Creative Detail #3: Escort Card Display Upgrade!


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