Details, Details: The Day-of Timeline

Putting together a timeline for the day of your event is absolutely imperative for smooth sailing, and it should contain much more than just the general start and end times! Although it may seem like a lot of work and planning — and timing needs to be slightly flexible to accommodate uncontrollable variances — having a guide for the different components of your event is highly beneficial. Not only will it keep you and your vendors organized and sane, but it will also make the event feel more fluid to guests. Following are some pieces that need to be on any day-of event timeline, but keep in mind each event is so unique, there are bound to be additional details. By no means is this list all-inclusive!

Make sure your event timeline includes:

  • Arrival time of planner, or person/people in charge of event management and set-up
  • Arrival time of each vendor (rentals, catering, florist, etc.)
  • Arrival time of guest(s) of honor (bride and groom for a wedding, bride or mom-to-be for a shower, couple for an engagement or anniversary celebration, etc.)
  • Arrival time of guests (keeping in mind guests usually begin arriving 15 minutes or more before the designated start time)
  • Main event start time
  • Start time and duration of each event element (welcome, ceremony, dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Event end time

Next week marks the final installment of my blog series on event details, so stay tuned for tips on creating a no-fail event duty list!


3 thoughts on “Details, Details: The Day-of Timeline

  1. Great post! We got married with 20 people in the backyard of our house without any attendants, etc., so a planner wasn’t necessary. However, I still had a friend of mine come early to help with any little things that might come up — AND to answer the door when guests arrived! 🙂 (The bride should not be answering her own door the day of the wedding, lol).

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