Life is Sweet!

All of life’s sweet moments (both large and little) deserve something equally as sweet for celebration! One of my favorite things to do when something worth commemorating occurs is indulge in a little dessert.

For fellow sweet-tooths, the fact that dessert bars at events have become all the rage is fantastic news! Gone are the days when a cake is the only go-to sugary selection — although cake is still delicious, and there are some stellar bakeries that make not only tasty but absolutely beautiful versions! As I sit here and enjoy a brownie (no occasion, mind you), I wanted to blog about my top five favorite treats that make for the perfect dessert (or addition to a dessert bar) at weddings and other social celebrations.

Dessert Fondue

I guess my parents instilled in me at a young age the fact that fondue is both delicious and special. There would literally be one night each year — New Year’s Eve — that my mom would break out the fondue set, and it was magical! I love incorporating this delightful treat into events, and really — who doesn’t love dipping juicy fruit or candy bar bites into melted chocolate, caramel or marshmallow?


If you’re like me, you don’t eat donuts often — but when you do, oh boy are they delicious! Donuts are quickly becoming the next cupcake, as great bakers are dressing them up to create gourmet masterpieces. Consider adding this scrumptious goodie to your dessert buffet, and I assure you guests will devour them!

Ice Cream

Never considered ice cream as a catered food? Think again! There are plenty of companies and caterers who will provide your guests with a lip-smacking assortment of ice cream flavors (and toppings!), all sure to please and be a truly fun food experience.

S’mores Station

If you live in Colorado, you have likely camped — and certainly if you’ve camped, you’ve roasted s’mores before. Plan a s’mores station for your event, complete with various types of grahams and chocolate options. This is a great interactive outdoor activity, and will certainly leave guests entertained and satiated.

Grandma’s Signature

We all have that one dessert that has been a family favorite for years. Regardless of who you are, it’s likely something classic and delectable that quite literally nothing could top, no matter how fancy or expensive. Grandma’s pecan pie or mom’s chocolate chip cookies are always a surefire hit when included in dessert buffets, and I promise when you ask grandma or mom to bake her specialty for your special day, she’ll be thrilled!

Share your sweet stories! What dessert(s) did you have at your special event?


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