Budget-Friendly Floral Centerpieces

As a former floral designer, I absolutely love flowers, and truly believe they have their place at every wedding and social event — especially when it comes to centerpieces. Centerpieces are such an important part of an event’s overall aesthetic, but can often be costly, particularly as the guest list grows (read: more tables to fill). Following are a few tried and true tips for making the most out of your floral budget, while ensuring guests never know the difference.

While it is helpful to take photos of floral centerpiece inspiration to your florist, it’s also important to be ready (and willing!) to make substitutions based on flowers that are in season, or stems that are just naturally less expensive than others. Your savings will be well worth your flexibility!

Simple doesn’t have to be boring! I love creating centerpieces with single stems in a few different ways. If you are working with larger blooms or a flower that comes with multiple clustered blooms per stem (like orchids), one stem either submerged in a large vase, or placed in a tall and thin vase can make a great statement. If you’re working with smaller blooms, consider the mix and match effect by placing one or two stems in a small vase, and clustering a few small vases on each table.

Floral design is a skill, and oftentimes designing an arrangement requires a lot of labor. Cutting much of the labor out of creating a centerpiece means less cost for you, which is why potted plants and flowers can be a budget-friendly option. While not all potted plants and flowers are necessarily event-appropriate, succulents are on-trend currently, and look great in a glass bowl or pretty ceramic pot. If you’re into something a little more timeless and chic, a gorgeous potted or vased orchid plant is the perfect choice.

As always, I’d love to hear from you! How did you make the most of your floral budget?


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