Wedding Planning: Including the Groom

Once upon a time, a groom almost never involved himself in the planning of a wedding — disinterest, intimidation, hard-pressed for time? Whatever the reason, it just didn’t happen as frequently as it seems to be happening now. I am really excited and encouraged when I see a groom at a bridal show, or when a bride comes to me explaining that the groom’s point-of-view is essential to keep in mind during the planning. I think it is so important to ensure both the bride and the groom are happy with the planning process and final wedding product — but also that guests see both people’s personalities in the ceremony and reception. Following are a few of my favorite ways to involve your man in the plans:

Incorporate His Hobbies

Does he love golf? Consider a golf club as your wedding venue. Is he a cigar aficionado? Have a cigar bar at the reception. Regardless of how it manifests, it’s his day just as much as it is yours — so making sure his hobbies and interests are present will make it special for him, too!

Color Combination

Do you love pink, but he isn’t too keen on a super girlie wedding? Consider toning it down with a more masculine, complementary color — such as blue, grey or taupe. Or, find a way to mix your favorite colors together, or to use a color combination you both like!

Delegate Tasks

If he is willing to help, you might as well take him up on it! Find tasks and to-dos that he’ll enjoy pitching in on, such as setting up meetings with a few DJs, picking out the menswear for the wedding party — really anything he’s excited about that you could use the support on. Even having him come along with you to meet the planner and participate in the cake tasting can create fun bonding experiences!

Personalize the Catering

Consider incorporating his favorite food into the catering. Even if it’s something as bachelor-friendly as macaroni and cheese or pizza, there are always ways to “fancy” it up for a wedding menu. You can also salute your groom by using his favorite drink in your signature cocktail. If he’s a big whiskey fan, an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or even a Mint Julep might be the perfect libation for guests to sip at your cocktail hour!

I want to hear from you! How did you find the perfect balance of both bride and groom at your wedding?


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