Something Old & Something New: Bridal Gown Redo

One of the bridal trends that is quickly gaining popularity is something many brides in days past would have never (ever!) even considered. The latest trend in wedding attire means brides are actually wearing the dresses of their mothers, grandmothers and sisters down the aisle — minus the puffy sleeves, teal sashes and any other details that once upon a time were in vogue, but now seem, well, indiscriminate. They are giving these dresses complete (and amazing!) makeovers, and I promise, the transformations will leave you blown away. If this sort of thing fills you with excitement and you have a dress in mind, fabulous!

If you’re still skeptical, or don’t have a “something old” dress to start with you’re not alone. Read on…

Considering my mother’s wedding dress to be my own was never an option for two reasons. One, she was tiny (both vertically and horizontally), so I couldn’t even get her dress over my kneecaps to mull it over. Two, I had never considered the possibility that her very of-the-time gown from 1984 could ever be transformed into something that would be even remotely fashionable in the 21st century.

In light of that story, I wanted to share some other ways I considered incorporating my mother and grandmother’s wedding day attire into mine, so I could indeed carry pieces of two very important women with me on one of the most special days of my life.

Incorporate just a piece of someone special’s wedding fashion into yours. While not everyone is crazy about you cutting a chunk out of their heirloom, my mother definitely considered letting me snip a piece of lace from her 15-foot train to wrap around my bridal bouquet. While I didn’t end up doing it simply because I felt bad, there are plenty of other options, like sewing a small piece of her dress — even the liner! — or grandmother’s handkerchief into your dress.

Veils are far more fashionably timeless than dresses. Whether it’s a fluffy veil your sister was married in, a lengthy cathedral veil that was your mother’s, or grandmother’s birdcage veil, all are still beautiful and can be easily incorporated into your bridal style — even if your dress is really modern.

What gal doesn’t like vintage jewelry? One of my favorite pastimes — from the time I was 3 until now — is going on a treasure hunt in my mother and grandmothers’ jewelry boxes. There is never a lack of beauty to be found, and they have pieces that are so unique and beautiful I could have never found the match from a bridal boutique or department store. Whether it’s a simple pair of earrings, or the entire set of her bridal jewels, I promise that wearing a special trinket or piece of bling with rich family history will make your day that much more special!

I want to hear from you! What is (or was) your something old or borrowed?


4 thoughts on “Something Old & Something New: Bridal Gown Redo

  1. I wore my sisters Vail when I got married. But now we are thinking about renewing our vows and I’m thinking about having my wedding dress made into a new dress vs buying a new dress to wear. Just don’t know who to trust to do it.

    • Stephanie, I love the idea of up-cycling your wedding dress for your vow renewal! My suggestion would be to contact either a popular bridal salon or alterations shop wherever you live – if they can’t help, they will likely be able to refer you to someone who can! Good luck! 🙂

    • Stephanie – Do you live close to Colorado Springs? I have someone I would highly recommend who did my alternations and remake of my wedding dress after our wedding!

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