Spring Cleaning!

Each spring, I get antsy for a fresh start — in one way or another. Over the weekend, I spent time making a list of all of the places in my home I need to sift through (closets and cupboards, mostly) — so today, it’s Paisley Kay’s turn! I have been itching to give my blog a facelift, and make it, well, a little bit less predictable. Currently, I blog on Mondays and feature an image I love on Wednesdays. All fine and dandy, but mixing it up sounds like much more fun! So, beginning next week, Paisley Kay Event Design blog followers are going to get a mixed bag of the following:

  • Beautiful images that inspire
  • Anything that’s wonderfully wedding
  • Creative ideas for other events that mark major life milestones — baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary celebrations (If you have any other events you’d like to see me blog about, leave a comment on this post!)
  • A sneak peek into the life of Paisley Kay — things I’m working on, vendors I’m working with, seminars I’m attending, real weddings and clients of mine, styled shoots I’m designing, things that are sparking my imagination — this list literally could go on and on…

As these posts start to roll out, I would love your feedback! What do you like? What don’t you like so much? What would you like to see me cover that I am not covering currently? As much as this blog is a creative and professional outlet for me, I want it to be a fun, helpful, encouraging and interesting place for you to visit, too. So, please feel free to speak up!

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my spring cleaning labor…


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