Big News!

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’ve been a bit…well, absent from the blog world for the past few months. While it’s been difficult and I’ve felt inattentive to say the least, it’s been for a very valid (not to mention exciting!) reason. The reason? I’m expecting a sweet little baby in November! This little one comes as a huge blessing and a bit of a surprise, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to prepare for motherhood.

Now, you must be wondering how cooking a bun in the oven can take one completely out of everyday life for months at a time, and I promise I have a good answer. Remember back in December when Duchess Kate was hospitalized for a severe form of morning sickness? Well, somewhere around 2 percent of pregnant women will experience this, and apparently Kate and I are in that unlucky 2 percent group. Since this blog has nothing to do with pregnancy (or complaining!), I won’t go any deeper than simply saying, I never knew growing life could be so much work, or make one so incredibly ill (for so incredibly long)!

Thankfully, as I sit here in my second trimester, I am feeling much better. Although it is still crazy seeing my body change and experiencing all of the normal pregnancy symptoms, I have my energy back (yay!), and am ready to make Paisley Kay’s 2013 wedding season a great one! And, sweet little baby must have known what mama is blessed enough to be able to do for a living, because s/he is coming after this year’s busy season — and will be old enough to stay with the long line of family babysitters already forming by the time next year’s busy season sets in. To sum it all up, life is wonderful, and while I might not be fully back in the blog saddle as I work with my fabulous clients through the summer and prepare for baby, I promise this lovely won’t be quite so neglected from here on out! And, you can almost bet there will be a post or two (or 10!) about baby showers, as mine is undoubtedly on my mind lately!


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